Accommodation rules

Students must:

  • return to a dormitory before 11 p.m. (The dormitory closes from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m.). If you go to a party/night club, we recommend you to stay at your friend’s house, a club or at a hotel. Don’t walk on streets late at night;
  • take part in duties (1-2 times in a month each room is responsible for cleaning in the kitchen) + attend a big cleaning up for all (Russian and foreign) students;
  • wash the dishes and clean the kitchen after cooking;
  • respect the dormitory administration and follow their requests;
  • keep order in rooms.

Students mustn’t:

  • drink/smoke/spend night in another room/make noise after 9 p.m/bring guests (without informing and getting allowance of the dormitory administration).

Punishment for violation is: the first – warning, the second – departure from a dormitory.

Dormitory must:

  • respect students;
  • provide bed sheets and necessary help;
  • check rooms whether they are clean once a week.

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